Where the Details
Make the Design

Where the Details Make the Design

Designer and founder Ama Dhami is of dual British and Indian heritage, a legacy that informs and inspires her work. Prior to the launch of her brand, Ama spent ten years in banking, experiencing the technology fuelled transformation of fashion businesses while sitting on the board of a British luxury multi-channel retailer as their business accelerated globally. Her learnings from this time fuelled her passion for creativity and design, along with studies at Central Saint Martins and the Gemological Institute of America, where Ama qualified as a Gemologist.

Ancient Indian jewellers would describe her attention to detail and love for precious gemstones as maharatnani, a quality that is felt in every creation, where heritage and craft are given centre stage.

The beauty of opposites and a strong sense of duality are enduring themes in Ama Dhami's designs. Precious stones sit elegantly against strong architectural lines, while a devoted attention to detail characterises every aspect, even those that may be hidden from view. This concept, the beauty of the unseen, is a sentiment at the heart of the brand.

The overriding mission: to create refined, contemporary jewellery that inspires confidence from within.